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About Retriever Sport

Welcome to the website of the civic association Retriever Sport CZ, which has since 2004 engaged in the preparation of both organizations and training of retrievers, but the competition by working test (WT).

These pages are intended both for the owners, as well as interim "mere" fans of all breeds of retrievers - we hope you all will find useful information here, and we look forward to future personal meeting.

Retriever Training

Some form of training should go through each retriever. Retrievers are too big for it to grow just like trees in the forest. However, their character traits and high intelligence are in the correct management of guaranteed success.

Retriever, Retrievers in translation, came to his name that showed that the field retrieve is the best and the other breeds of dogs in that he can not compete.

The highlight of retriever training is to use his innate abilities in practice, that hunts for small game both on land and in water.

The level and sophistication of the training is in the hunting world for many years, just checked on the real game. The actual training and the real game is not game, but the so-called dummy, which are cloth, cylindrical, půlkilové floating bags with handle. Full training in retrieving hunting so they can pass their retrievers and those owners who do not have a practical hunting nothing to do with the game and refuse to even just touch.

Working Tests

Working tests originated in Great Britain. Their main purpose is to maintain a high level of training retrievers throughout the year. Keep the game for dog training has been very difficult and so we began to use a dummy. And because man is being competitive, like the early leaders and trainers to compare the level of their dogs and outside the hunting season, a field trial. Thus came real game - a competition in which judges simulate practical hunting situations. During the Competition, then Dogs are divided according to the performance achieved in four performance levels - E, L, M and S. Experienced heroes from the Performance Class "S" Nobody beginners' neválcují.

The main advantage of working tests is that they give to the owners of retrievers to fully develop their talents working dogs and give them a very interesting common sports. This is a team effort - the team are a pair, the leader and the dog. Their mutual understanding and cooperation continue to improve - virtually all active dog life. Training procedures are well developed and their success is evidenced by thousands of perfectly trained retrievers in Europe and America.

Invitation for cooperation

The vast majority of people retriever loves her and has him as his best friend. Sure we all want that our retrievers lived a happy life. The happiest is the retriever, which fulfills the wishes of his life and becomes his master for a reliable partner. Obedience as a reliable partner in real life, and excellent performance at work, for which he was born - bringing. Why not treat yourself to your best friend ...

... And that's where the Retriever Sports - put together with us to the dog a solid foundation, and much more! Whether you want to train just for fun, looking for the advanced training or need dopilovat details - for each of you have experienced coaches who are willing and able to help you.

If you feel addressed by this invitation, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you!


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